Thursday, 30 November 2006

whole chunk of photos. (Vivocity, food and others)

20 photos ahead. Those who prefer long wordy boring blog entries...
Go somewhere else...

I just bought this necklace online for $6.40 including postage. =)

Can open one leh. :P

Teach gave us one.. got Mike's name lols.

I love clouds.

and clear blue skies...

misdemeanor = 行为不端

It's so warm and the kids are still playing...

No little = nice clean place.

Sha Xiao Mei take one..

I take one...

So pretty hanging on "strings"

Concrete oval shaped huge snowman.

It's a pity this place is so HOT! I want to run aroudn in the play ground too. :(

Less sun..

This place is like so empty..

That durain place =P

The tress, the skies, the clouds, the sea... Smells like paradise...

Makes me wanna hug those clouds. :(

Nice boat.. Probably for visitors.. hahas..

3 white Christmas thress. =)

Slanted lamp posts.. how nice. lols.

Can you spot 5 Christmas tress?

Food at Hans..

Mike's food.

Christina's food.


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