Thursday, 3 May 2007

Get those nuts

Late one night two grave diggers were working late filling in a grave from an earlier funeral that took place at dusk. The town Reverend had paid them to stay afterword and finish till it was done.

Old Joe and Hank had almost finished the job and stopped to comment on how lovely the moonlit sky was that evening.

"Say, while we are just standin' here" remarked Joe, "Lets count up what the Revernt paid us for this job". Hank agreed. It was time for a break anyway.
"He couldn't pay us in full with cash, so he left us some sorta exotic nuts!"
Seeing as how they didn't get to eat any exotic foods - they were fine with the arrangement.

Joe started to count out of the jar one at a time "one for you, one for me, one for you , one for me", till suddenly he dropped the jar! Two nuts escaped and rolled down the slope beside them and hit the fence and stopped there.

About this time a boy on a bike came riding up the fence row. As he peered around he saw a man coming up the lane towards him. He soon recognized the man in the moonlight as the town reverend.

"Boy, what in the world are you doin' out here!?" exclaimed the Reverend. "Well I was riding my bike out here pastor to see if'n I could see the ghost of the cemetery." replied the young man.

"Hogwash, son!" the Reverend responded. "Thats just a story the older kids tell the young kids at school..."

And at this moment a strange voice not far from them cried out :
"OK I'll go down and get those 2 nuts by the fence and then we can finish fillin' in this grave!"

They say the good Reverend made it back to town before the boy on the bike did.

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